Glam it up! Collection from StyleMaker Jennifer O’Brien

Discovering great, new makeup, skin care and other beauty products is fun but filtering your discovery for sustainability and social consciousness can be a chore. Here, StyeMaker Jennifer O'Brien brings you her recommendations, after having done her own 2019 research and reflection on social responsibility, so you can concentrate on the fun.

Style Maker Collection - Glam it up!

Glam it up! Collection: Beauty is in h eye of the beholder. We have all had those long days or weeks where we feel and possibly look like The Walking Dead, yikes! So, every so often I like to pick myself up by glamming up my day or night!  These are some of the earth friendly products that help me achieve my best life!

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Vanilla and Lilly Blossom from Soap Box Soap

Nothing better than washing the day away with some luxury soap that gives back.  The vanilla scent is to die for. It will leave you feeling fresh like a daisy.

When you buy one of the Soap Box Soap products it comes with a hope code. This allows you to see which project your purchase will go towards supporting; there is even a map on the website that allows you to interact and see all the project locations including Central America, Africa and India. Most soap bar donations also include hygiene education; 6,000 people have been educated so far.

Pretty Rich from Too Faced

This enchanting collection of 16 shades of vivid glitters, creamy mattes, shimmers and precious pearls can be layered in countless ways to mimic the beauty of real diamonds.

I try to leave my face natural, only using moisturizer, but when I am planning on going out this is my go-to! These colors always make me feel super put together. A bonus is this company is cruelty free.

Grandiose Extreme from Lancôme

The Swan Neck Wand was made to provide length and volume to all lashes.

This Mascara makes my eyes look like I have applied fake eyelashes, except I didn’t have to worry about gluing my eye shut!

Lancôme is also a big supporter of women's empowerment.

Rosy Cheeks from LUSH

This mask is soothing, balancing, and fragrant.

I live for face masks, no joke. This one smells of roses and is 100% vegan. You keep it in the fridge, so it is cool when you apply it to your face.

Cup O' Coffee from LUSH

Has caffeine powder, this mask is rich and stimulating.

This scrub has a very strong coffee smell and will help wipe all the gunk away from a bad day! It is also 100% Vegan and environmentally sensitive.

Pure Epsom Salt from Dr Teals

Pure Epsom salt give you an Earth friendly, sustainable way to ease aches and soreness from muscle pains.

After a demanding day I like using these salts as they are infused with natural oils. This product helps my body not feel as if I am older than I already am.

Leave Pretty from Pacifica

Pacifica is a 100% vegan and cruelty free. They want the plastic they use to have a second and third life!

One of my all-time favorite things to do is apply a nice face mask, I am wearing one as a I type. This one helps me feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.

Skin and Hair Care Bundle from Soap Box Soaps

This bundle of skin and hair care products uses natural ingredients for scent and for essential cleaning and soothing.

Every SoapBox Soaps purchase helps generate eduction and assistance to those most in need.


A note from Jennifer on why she's passionate about social responsibility:

After moving to the West Coast I began to feel more connected with wanting to help our planet.  I then made the conscience choice to start looking for and buying products from companies who had a clearly defined mission of ethics and social responsibility. Ethical Mom's Place and Company social consciousness ratings are a big help with that.  The idea of social responsibility really resonates within me.  In all my collections you'll have the chance to make a positive change through your spending.