Norwegian Made Gifts for Men – by Jennifer O’Brien

Discovering great gifts that are fun, stylish and useful (or some combination of those) and that you can feel good about buying are hard to find.  Here, StyeMaker Jennifer O'Brien brings you her recommendations, after having done her own sustainability and ethical product 2019 research.

Looking for a Great Gift for One of the Men in Your Life? - Go Norwegian!

Looking for a great gift for a male loved one - that you can feel good about buying?  Why not go on a cultural adventure to Norway with these handpicked gifts?

I love this collection as Norway is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Whether it's women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, gun control, or helping the environment, Norway has always been a leader in doing what is right.

All products here are Made in Norway.

Have ideas for products to add?  Let me know!


Men's Watch from Triwa

This stylish Norwegian made men's watch is made from the finest materials and sports a strap made of Swedish, organically tanned leather.

Men's Sunglasses from Kaibosch

Whether it's sexy style you're looking for or performance, these sunglasses fill the bill.

They have 3-barrel optical quality hinge and high quality CR39 lenses.

Men's Swimsuit from Helly Hansen

A quick dry swimsuit in a sharp design - retro and classic.

It has front and back pockets with mesh lining.

Men's Athletic Fitted T-Shirt from Stormberg

For the man who likes to stay active and in shape, why not give him this comfortable, fitted T-shirt?

Stromberg's goal is to allocate 25% of open positions to those who most need work.

It makes me feel good to gift a product from Stormberg because they are trying to make a difference in the hiring process.  I love that their specific aim is to provide a chance to those who most need it.

Merino Wool Socks

Giving a nice pair of socks is always a thoughtful gift. These socks are perfect for lounging or hiking.

This company does a lot to promote sustainable corporate practices as well, but the most exciting aspect of this company is it is still family owned and operated.

Backpack from Bergans

I love good backpack. This gift idea is perfect for any man who loves the outdoors or adventurous travel.

Your man can carry all the family essentials in it.

I like Bergans because they recycle and actively work to reduce their carbon footprint.

Bike Helmet from Sweet Protection.

A nice bike ride on your dad’s special day is perfect. And nothing says ‘I love you’ more like a protected head.

These helmets are ultra-sleek and cool. The company also treats their employees well, making sure they have happy workers.

Spinner from Beckman

My family really enjoys traveling. But after a couple trips our luggage gets beaten up.

Why not give the gift of travel to your father with this 4-wheel spin carry-on luggage? It's light weight and durable, everything a busy dad on the go needs.

Slim Trifold Wallet from Exentri

I think this wallet is the perfect combination of function and design.

It will fit perfectly in your dad’s pocket and securely hold cards and cash.

Over time, the high quality leather gets a great patina which adds to its sophistication.

Sweet Protection Bike Helmet

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more like a protected head.

These helmets are ultra-sleek and cool. The company also treats their employees well, making sure they have happy workers.

Breeze Waveboat Loafer from SWIMS

I remember growing up with my dad always wearing loafers. These loafers by Swims are cool dad 2.0. They can survive a down poor in NYC and still look good. Your man is going to love these!


Baseball Cap from Fjallraven

OK, so this is not Norwegian, but Norway and Sweden are neighbors, right?

It's made in USA by a Swedish company, but it is just too good a hat and too good a gift for me to not include it in my collection.

Most men really enjoy a good baseball cap. Personally, my husband has at least 10; so why not add to the collection with this sustainably produced hat!

Setesdal Norwegian Sweater

There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes’ is a well-known Norwegian quote. This traditional sweater with a modern look would give any father the warm and fuzzies.

Dale of Norway makes these sweaters by using free roaming sheep. I really can get behind a company who makes cruelty-free items!

Voss Tangerine Lemongrass Water

VOSS’ water source lies under rocks and sand in Norway creating a natural filter. Nothing will be more refreshing to your dad’s day then a tall drink of this water.

VOSS also offers generous paid vacation to all of it's workers.


A note from Jennifer on why she's passionate about social responsibility:

After moving to the West Coast I began to feel more connected with wanting to help our planet.  I then made the conscience choice to start looking for and buying products from companies who had a clearly defined mission of ethics and social responsibility. SweetScore's Place and Company social consciousness ratings are a big help with that.  The idea of social responsibility really resonates within me.  In all my collections you'll have the chance to make a positive change through your spending.