Walk Tall! Fashion Collection from StyleMaker Jennifer O’Brien

Discovering great fashion is fun, but filtering your discovery for environmental sustainability and social consciousness can be a chore. Here, StyeMaker Jennifer O'Brien brings you her recommendations, after having done her own 2019 research and reflection on earth friendliness and social responsibility, so you can concentrate on the fun.


Style Maker Collection -Walk Tall!

When leaving the house, I always want to be confident and feel my best! Whether it is having a pair of everyday comfy shoes that match a cool statement T-shirt or date night in those amazing heels with the beautifully crafted purse. These products help me do that every day!


When creating this collection, I aimed to be true to myself and pick what I would buy or own. I think it is nice to have a piece or two that is higher priced and mix it with some lower price items.

If you have any suggestions about items, please let me know!

Walk tall ladies and embrace the day!




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Tom's Canvas Classics From TOMS

Casual slip on shoes made of canvas sock liner. The outsole is original EVA.  TOMS are machine washable and last!

TOMS crusade is for every shoe you purchase from them they will donate a brand-new pair to a shoeless child in Africa. Who wouldn’t get behind that philosophy!  I wore these for two weeks straight when abroad and not one blister! They come in amazing colors and patterns, including Disney Princess’s!


Awesome T from Wholesome Culture

Items are ethically made and Wholesome culture is trying to help promote a plant-based lifestyle. These shirts are eco friendly and hand painted in Brooklyn, NY. The coolest part is the T-Shirts are made from recycled bottles.

I recently bought this T-Shirt and I am in love with it!  The material is super soft and looks great! I really liked the feeling I had knowing I had bought something that didn’t hurt the planet.


Mae Open Back Top from Threads 4 Thought

The Mae open-back top is light weight and comfortable. It is made from linen like jersey fabric.

I love this brand! They use organic and recycled materials and make clothes for every size! I wear this Mae Open Back Top all the time as it is easy to wear with jeans or yoga pants. No one knows if I have worked out that day or just look cute, I’ll never tell!


Camisole from People Tree

People Tree makes its clothes ethically through Fair Trade and all their clothes are eco-friendly, organic, and use GOTS- approved dyes.

It is advertised as sleep wear, but I like this camisole because I can smack on some Converse and my leather jacket and rule the world!


Night Gown from Victoria’s Secret

Chantilly lace trim with cross back straps that are adjustable. Polyester and handwash able.

Nothing is better than having something cool and light to sleep in when it is summer. Even though VS doesn’t have the best environmental practices I can’t help but sometimes shop here, its so soft and you will sleep like a dream.


Beach Block Heel from Vince Camuto

Available in nine colors. 3.5” heel. Made of suede and leather

I love heels, but finding comfy ones is hard! But these beauties lasted me a whole wedding, including dancing, and I love dancing.


Flemming Matte Convertible Shoulder Bag from Tory Burch

Quilting and chains. This purse fits all size phones. Two interior pockets and has a snap close feature.

Tory Burch founded her own foundation called the Tory Burch Foundation which aims to empower women to dive into entrepreneurship. Also look at how perfect this bag is for spring!


Card Wallet from COACH

Six credit card slots. Minimalist wallet in their signature leather. The wallet keeps cards organized and can fit into a back pocket.

Naturally you need a card holder for the cute spring purse; this is perfect. I have a couple and some date back to when I was in middle school, so they last! COACH’s Dream it Real Foundation works with NGO’S at the grassroots level.


Classic Aviators from Ray Ban

One of the most iconic sunglass designs in the world. There are a variety of lens colors to choose from as well as frames. They have 100% UV protection and some even have polarization.

I really enjoy my two pairs. I have an all-black and these shown below. I always feel a bit cooler when I slip them on. If you take care of them they also have a long shelf life which is something I look for when spending money on a product.


Water Bottle / Flask from Hydro-Flask

This product comes with a life time warranty. The wide mouth helps for a faster fill and flow. Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. BPA free.

I live in the desert, so this product is a life saver for me anytime I am running errands or just leaving the house! My water always stays cold as if I have just pulled it out from the fridge. Hydro-Flask have even won awards for best place to work!


Claudia Twist from Francesca’s

¾ sleeves and comes in crème. Light weight material.

I love this store. Love is not even a strong enough word. Francesca’s always has some of the cutest finds in my wardrobe! Great discounts for student and military as well.  Always a great sale and leaves me smiling for the rest of my day.


Workout Tank from Just Strong

Racer back style and curved hem for comfort. Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified.

So, if I am feeling low on a workout day I pull out this punny (see what I did there?) tank for the gym! The best part is this company is run by women and encourages other women to be strong!

A note from Jennifer on why she's passionate about social responsibility:

After moving to the West Coast I began to feel more connected with wanting to help our planet.  I then made the conscience choice to start looking for and buying products from companies who had a clearly defined mission of ethics and social responsiblity. The idea of social responsibility really resonated within me.  In all my collections you will have the chance to make a positive change through your spending.