Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home is a luxury company based in Los Angeles that uses locally sourced materials and engages local artisans to produce its products.


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Brentwood Home is a luxury company based in Los Angeles with locally sourced materials and carefully chosen local artisans who create all new products.


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Via the company website:

"For over 30 years, we’ve been making mattresses and home essentials with a team of local artisans and fabricators in Los Angeles. From the beginning, we’ve obsessed over creating products using healthy and ethically-sourced materials, all inspired by our love for the natural world and our home in California.

However, before we started the Brentwood Home brand, most of our products were sold by retailers who added hefty markups, often times more than doubling the cost of our products. In 2012, with much thanks to the digital age, we saw an opportunity to bring that California comfort and craftsmanship directly to you. That’s why we started Brentwood Home. No more overwhelming trips to the store or pushy salespeople. No middlemen. No deceptive retailer markups. This, combined with our handcrafting excellence, allows us to provide you with luxurious goods at affordable, honest prices.

We’re glad to share a piece of our home with you. Look around, stay awhile, and enjoy a comfortable life with Brentwood Home."




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