D9 Brewing Company

D9 Brewing Company is included in our SweetScore Recommends top brewers in the review Best Socially Conscious Beer Companies 2019 by Chris Ponzi.


D9 Brewing receives special recognition in the review as Best Beer Company for Support of Gun Control.


Company Rating

D9 deserves huge credit for stepping out with support for science based policy and reasonable gun control.


The relationship between the beer world and guns is a tricky one, however, the D9 Brewing Company launched a limited-supply American Ale beer called the “314 Action Ale” to support 314 Action, a pro-science advocacy nonprofit committed to getting scientists more involved in politics.


The beer is part of “an awareness campaign to repeal the Dickey Amendment, an anti-science piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1996 to prevent scientists at the CDC from studying gun violence. In addition to raising awareness, proceeds from the batch will go entirely toward the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund.”.


The Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund is a fund that is distributing the millions of dollars donated to the survivors and families of those killed in the February 14th mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


Founded by two engineers and a doctor, D9’s focuses heavily on “scientific exploration of the natural world” to “inspire and support community through the creation of exciting and original crafted beers.” 


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