Company Rating

Owned by Koch Industries and by the Koch Brothers, who have been described as American Oligarchs as intent on destroying the US democracy as the oligarchs of Russia, Georgia Pacific is a major maker of often chemical-laden, or petrochemically derived, building and industrial products and consumer paper and other products, sold under the brand names:

  • Brawny (paper towels)
  • Sparkle (paper towels)
  • Angel Soft (toilet paper)
  • Quilted Northern (toilet paper)
  • Dixie (paper and plastic cups and plates)
  • Vanity Fair (paper napkins), and
  • and STAINMASTER (home cleaning products).

If you want to avoid funding the Koch brothers with your consumer dollars, you will want to avoid buying products from Georgia-Pacific.  You can see our list of alternatives to Koch Industries consumer products here.

Note: Ethical Mom ratings are based on our opinion of the environmental and human rights leadership demonstrated by companies and the countries products are made in. Our ratings are not product quality or company quality ratings. We encourage you to do your own research and hope our ratings will help you in that.