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Hilton Hotels is named Best in three categories in the SweetScore Recommends Review Most Socially Conscious Hotel Chains by Faustine Wohlfart

Faustine names Hilton Best for: Environmental Protection, Women's Equality; and Promotion of a Just and Civil Society


From the Review:

Best Hotel Chain for the Environment - Hilton Hotels

The very nature of hotels put them at a high risk for wastefulness. Hotels must be optimally heated and cooled; guest rooms, lobbies, corridors and outdoor spaces must be lit; food and drinks must be maintained at optimal temperatures; luxury facilities must be ready; and a large fleet of machines is ever running to ensure that everything a guest comes into contact with is spotless. There is the frequent laundering of linens and towels after a single use. There is the actual waste: complementary soaps and their plastic wrappers, tiny barely-touched bottles of shampoo, packaging for cleaning supplies gone through at rocket speed, and excess food from brunches and buffets.

With a record 69% of Americans believing in global warming, there is more pressure than ever on the travel and hospitality industries to do their part for the planet, and hotel chains are taking on the challenge with gusto—especially Hilton.

Many hotels chains are currently doing exciting things for the environment. All hotels in the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants fleet, for example, are currently certified by the Green Keyeco-label and the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program. Accor Hotels is in the process of planting 1,000 urban vegetable gardens at their hotels by 2020. Marriott has an impressive guest sustainability program that provides customers with monetary incentives to make more environmentally sustainable choices during their stay. Wyndham Worldwide hit their 2020 carbon emissions goal in 2015.

But our winner in the category of environmental protections is nevertheless Hilton. With environmental targets set as a percentage of an individually chosen baseline year, it’s difficult to compare the footprints and progress of different hotel chains. But Hilton stands out by having a much longer track record for their environmental work. Hilton has chosen 2008 as their baseline year and has shown consistent progress ever since. By 2017, they had reduced their carbon emissions by 30%, their overall energy use by 21%, their water use by 20% and their landfill waste by 31%. While Marriott shows a similar rate of energy reduction, we have chosen Hilton for their more significant water reductions, achieved partly through modernized laundry facilities, and eight years longer proof of progress and implementation.

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