Kickapoo Coffee


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Kickapoo makes fine organic coffees and is committed to demonstrating leadership on fair compensation to coffee farmers.  Here's what Kickapoo says about its commitment to fair compensation:

Fair farmer compensation has been an ideal in the world of coffee for more than two decades. It's been an ideal for us since we opened our doors. While the fair trade movement and direct trade model have both made meaningful progress in addressing poverty at origin and inequality in the supply chain, both have fallen short.  

The truth is this: coffee farmers make less today than they did 40 years ago. Even as the specialty coffee market has bloomed. Even as roasters like us have been asking farmers for more in terms of quality and expertise.

Inequality in the supply chain is not the result of chance. It is the natural effect of an economic system that privileges profit over the well-being of people. The more closely we look at the dynamics affecting farmer pay, the more certain we are that something has to change.

In response, we've raised our guaranteed minimum price to $2.75 per pound (FOB). This is more than 70% higher than the price for conventional Fair Trade coffee. While this is one of the highest published minimum price in the States, we don't want it to be. Our hope is that others will join us in taking the next steps to create a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain.

From all of us here at Kickapoo Coffee, thank you for supporting us and the farmers whose work makes incredible coffee possible. Together, let's Raise the Bar on farmer compensation.

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