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North Carolina based Larry's Coffee makes awesome, inventive artisanal coffees, and shows outstanding leadership on close to every Issue category SweetScore covers. All of Larry’s coffee is USDA certified organic, or transitional organic and is shade-grown. Larry’s doesn’t stop at the farm though. Larry’s prides itself on their roasting facilities and operations that use green design, alternative energies, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, alternative fuels (veggie oil delivery bus!), composting and more.

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Company Rating

Larry's Coffee - Named Best Overall Coffee Company in the SweetScore Recommends Review Best Socially Conscious Coffee Companies 2019

by Chris Ponzi

What puts them at the top? Larry’s Coffee Company is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and ethically sources certified organic coffee from fair trade cooperatives all over the world. A mid-sized coffee company, Larry’s wears a biodegradable sash of eco and socially responsible certifications that would make any scout proud: USDA Certified Organic, Certified B-Corp, Certified Fair Trade, Fair Trade Proof, Shade Grown Friendly to Birds, Cooperative Coffees, CRS Fair Trade, and Kosher Pareve (I recognize the validity of certifications is a more complex subject matter, but they can serve as at least a minimum evaluation standard for the consumer). I was impressed by their transparency as you can view their certification paperwork online amongst other price, pay, and documentation breakdowns.

Larry's earned these certifications through a pioneering blend of earth-friendly agricultural practices (which often just mean “traditional” practices), green-energy-designed and sustainable roasting facilities and operations, along with a “beyond fair-trade” social-economic model that genuinely supports farmers. They offer 15 creative blends and 15 single-origin blends (meaning they can be traced directly back to the farm where the coffee was grown), micro-lot coffees (which are very small farms–usually one or two families– noted for their extremely high coffee quality), water-processed decaffeinated options (a completely organic and non-chemical way to decaffeinate coffee), and “for a cause blends” where a percentage of their profits go to diverse environmental and social causes both in the U.S. and abroad. Their coffee quality also receives fist-bumps by both coffee elites and your everyday coffee lover alike, and while they aren’t the cheapest bean in the bag, they have very affordable price points given their quality.

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