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Marriott International Hotels is named Best Overall Most Socially Conscious Hotel Chain in the SweetScore Recommends Review Most Socially Conscious Hotel Chains by Faustine Wohlfart

From Faustine's Review:

Best Socially Conscious Hotel Chain Overall - Marriott Hotels

Marriott International distinguishes themselves by having ambitious goals on a very wide variety of issues. By the year 2025, Marriott plans to reduce their water use by 15%, carbon by 30%, landfill waste by 45% and food waste by 50%, as well as increase renewable energy sources to more than 30%. At the same time, all Marriott hotels should have received a sustainability certification. Marriott also aims to responsibly source 95% of the products in certain categories, including animal proteins, cocoa, coffee, seafood and textiles, and they have already come some way towards achieving those goals.

Other important 2025 goals pertain to equality. This includes achieving gender parity in the global company leadership and investing at least five million dollars in programs and partnerships for women, diverse populations, people with disabilities, youth, veterans and refugees.

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