Method Products

San Francisco based Method Products offers non-toxic, effective cleaning products that are safe for adults, kids and pets - and that are designed with style and beauty in mind.


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San Francisco Bay Area Based Method Products has put Environmental Protection and Social Justice at the center of its mission since its founding.

It's a leader in using technology to develop new cleaning supplies and hand washes that work effectively and are far more gentle on the environment than most competitive products.

It's also a stand-out leader in design innovation in home cleaning products - taking the view, which we applaud, that even everyday household products can and should be stylish.  Cleaning products have long focused on scent.  Method has created a set of natural, sophisticated scents and achieved style in color and bottle shapes as well.



Why Method Products are Recommended:

Your Wellness

+  Made with plant based and other natural ingredients.

+  Lets you keep harmful chemicals out of you home.

+  Beautiful colors and scents to lift and sooth your spirit.

The Planet's Wellness:

+. Ingredients ae 100% biodegradable.

+. Bottle plastic used is 100% recycled and recyclable.

+  Low impact refills let you reuse the same plastic bottle.

+  A corporate commitment to community improvement.

+. Rated A on Ethical Shopping

+  Made in USA


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