Newport Cottages

Newport Cottage makes stylish furniture in Southern California from American hardwoods.


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Stylish furniture made in Southern California by a California based company from American hardwoods.  If your manufacturing processes meet stringent chemical use standards set by the Southern California Air Resources Board - as Newport Cottages does - you're meeting a high bar.


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From the Company website:

"In anticipation of our first baby’s arrival, we began shopping for nursery furniture. We soon discovered that we were having a hard time finding what we were looking for.

The selection of quality furniture for babies or kids was limited. Since we were already in the furniture industry, Cristina convinced me to produce a few pieces. Shortly after our son Andrew was born in 1996, the business had found its niche.

As our family grew (Matthew was welcomed in 1999 and Elijah in 2001), so did our business and reputation for making the best quality and most beautiful pieces around. Newport Cottages manufactures and distributes a high end line of baby and kids furniture. Each piece is hand crafted and bench made by skilled artisans in the USA.

We take great satisfaction in guaranteeing that our pieces are manufactured locally in Southern California using select hardwoods. We never use inferior products such as particle board, MDF, or other synthetics.

Behind the scenes we brainstorm together on just about everything. While I design, build and bring entrepreneurial spirit to Newport Cottages, Cristina’s decorative flair and eye for designs completes each project."

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