While most Companies do and say little to protect the environment and to promote fundamental human rights and progressive, reasoned governance - and often support the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations that promote an anti-environment anti-progressive agenda - Patagonia regularly gets right out there with its reasoned  advocacy for the protection of the environment.  See, e,.g., Patagonia's post "Why Businesses are Hungary for a Strong EPA."


Company Rating

Patagonia, a California-based outdoor gear company, exemplifies social responsibility. From leading the charge on movements in ethical garment making to their mission to work with only ethical suppliers, they really walk the walk when it comes to doing good with their business, and they make great products to boot.

Note: Ethical Mom ratings are based on our opinion of the environmental and human rights leadership demonstrated by companies and the countries products are made in. Our ratings are not product quality or company quality ratings. We encourage you to do your own research and hope our ratings will help you in that.