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Rage Fitness is a Denver, CO fitness brand that manufactures all-purpose gym equipment for any type of training. Whether training for a weightlifting competition or doing off-season fitness work for a sport, Rage has you covered. It helps that they benefit from the relatively high scores of their Colorado home.


From The Company

Via the company website:

"RAGE Fitness is built on sweat, passion, sacrifice and some of the strongest, most durable functional fitness equipment on the planet. RAGE (rāj) is all about explosive force, furious intensity and burning desire, and the products we offer prove it every day. We fuel the passion and intensity (a.k.a. the RAGE) for people who lift, jump, push, kick, run, climb, catch, twist, flip, resist, sweat and recover, and then do it all over again to push their athletic limits, reach their goals and improve their lives.

The brand was born in 2008, but it didn't take long for RAGE to spread to gyms, boxes, garages and fitness clubs across the country and around the world.  RAGE erupted into retail in 2012 and since then has become the definitive, authentic and accessible functional fitness brand in sporting goods and fitness specialty retail channels.

We're advocates for sharing RAGE in a healthy, safe and badass way (and yes, you can do all three at once). If you're looking for industrial strength, multi-functional fitness equipment to help you conquer whatever adventures or obstacles life throws at you, that's RAGE."


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