Royal Consumer Products

Based in Connecticut - where they also make all of their products - Royal Consumer Products manufactures a wide variety of paper products to suit any need.


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From the company website:

"Royal Consumer Products traces its heritage from 1911 when we established the first manufacture of paper doilies in the United States. From that point we have developed an impressive array of consumer products sold under several well-known brand names: Royal Brites, Geographics, and Royal Lace.

Royal Lace doilies are among the most elegant paper lace doilies sold in the world. We offer not only white lace paper doilies based on historical doily patterns but also doilies in a variety of shapes, colors and foil patterns for any occasions. We also manufacture and sell baking cups, paper placemats and shelf papers.

Our Royal Brites line includes poster board, foam board and project board in many colors and sizes. We offer the patented 2 Cool Colors double-sided poster board and foam board which feature a different color on each side to enhance visual impact. Royal Brites also offers photo paper for inkjet printers in matte, glossy, premium and professional grades.

Geographics products include printable certificates and a wide selection of stationery (such as cards and letterhead) for business and social purposes. With Geographics free templates, you can customize the text and design for the product on your computer and print your personalized stationery quickly and easily.

Royal Consumer Products has recently introduced the iClickn'Print Design Center, available to customers for free. iClickn'Print offers a great selection of design options such as fonts, colors, clip art, shapes, and more. With the Clickn'Merge application, you can customize up to 25 individual certificates with personalized information for all of your recipients at once. We also offer the E-Z Print application for use with poster board. With our layering technique, you can create and print a project for any size poster board from a standard size printer. E-Z Print formats your design into sections which then can be printed and mounted onto one of our large sized display products."


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