Sun Bum

A sunscreen company with a "by surfers, for surfers" vibe.  Combining high-quality and environmentally friendly products with a friendly corporate culture, Sun Bum products are a great option for the outdoorsy set.


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From The Company

Via the company website:

"In 2010 we started making products to protect our friends and families from the sun. Since then we’ve grown and gotten a lot bigger but we haven’t changed. Our Cocoa Beach office is an old Florida beach house off A1A. Our Moonlight Beach office is in the groovy little town of Encinitas California. We play way too much ping pong during work hours. Our refrigerator is full of coconut water and alcohol. We listen to old albums. We take surf breaks. We bring our dogs and kids to work. We want our lives to matter. We make products the way we like them And we hope you like them too. Trust The Bum."

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