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Susty Party Supplies purports to specialize in eco friendly products. Unfortunately, many of their key products are manufactured in Asian countries where countries receive low SweetScores on LGTBQ Equality, Environmental Protections and Just and Civil Society - not to mention the displacement of U.S. jobs and carbon emission issues involved in bringing disposable cups all the way from Asia.  On SweetScore, we list only the cups that Susty Party says it makes in the U.S. In the case of those products, we applaud them for making environmentally friendly cups, creating jobs in the U.S. and employing those with disabilities in the process.  That is truly commendable - and something we would love to see repeated by others.


From The Company

Via the company website:

"All Susty Party products — from paper towels and garbage bags to tableware such as plates, cups, and cutlery — are made from sustainably sourced materials. Susty products are plastic-free, non-toxic, created from renewable or recycled content, and designed to biodegrade in a home or industrial compost."


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