The Home Depot


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Over the past few years, a number of U.S. States have taken a variety of steps to make it harder for people to vote.  The changes include adding new voter registration requirements, shortening early voting periods and closing voting places.  The effect of the changes generally falls hardest on racial minorities and those with less money, and the changes can be a means of disenfranchising segments of the population.

Georgia has some of the stricter voting registration laws and is among the states that have sought to make it harder to vote rather than easier (see the Vox article 7 Specific Ways States Made it Harder to Vote in 2016).

Home Depot is one of the largest companies headquartered in Georgia.  Tell them that you want to see them use their influence to change laws and practices to make it easier to vote in Georgia and elsewhere. Join the take action HERE.

The Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement/hardware stores in the world.

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