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Vermont Teddy Bear manufactures all of its lovable plush bears and other toys from its factory in Vermont.


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"Our story started in 1981 when our founder opened a cart on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont and began selling Teddy Bears that he made in his garage. Thirty-five years later, our Bears continue to be best friends, a part of the family and beloved heirlooms. Each one of our meticulously-designed, artisan, handcrafted Bears is guaranteed for a lifetime. Vermont Teddy Bears make the perfect gifts for men, women and children for any occasion, from Christmas to new babies and everything in between.

As a company, the attention to detail and care we put into our Bears extends to all aspects of our business. We believe in our inherent corporate responsibility to give back, whether it’s the 100% recycled stuffing used in each Bear, our Little Hero Program® that provides first responders with Bears to give to children in crisis situations, or the ability to grow your own tomatoes in the company garden each summer."

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