Ethical Mom FAQs

Hi there – we’ve created a list of questions we are commonly asked with responses that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Q: Are you affiliated with Amazon or any of the other services or companies you feature.

A: No, we’re not. We may from time to time accepts sponsorships from companies who want to communicate with shoppers who are passionate about the marriage of commerce and movements for protection of the environment and societal good and these companies may pay us to prepare and post descriptions of their products and steps they take for social good and to protect the environment.

Q: Are you affiliated with the NGOs that you feature and the NGOs and other organizations whose published work you looked to create Country, State and Company ratings?

A: We are not currently affiliated with the organizations, but hope to find ways to work with them to advance positive change.  

Q: How does Ethical Mom make money?

A: When shoppers go from Ethical Mom to Target, Amazon and and other merchants we may be paid we a marketing fee by those sites.  

Q: What is a place rating? How does it differ from a company rating?

A: We have two separate scoring systems for each company, the Place rating and the Company Rating. The place rating is based on information from third party NGOs who look at the social and environmental responsibility of the countries and states that Companies are based in and/ or manufacture their products in and certain laws of the countries and states that Companies are based in and/or manufacture their products in. We chose to include this because it is directly tied to the types of change we believe you want to see: the passage and enforcement of legislation that ensures the protections required on the issues we cover. The Company Rating is based on information publicly availabe, including from the Companies themselves, and on our perceptions of the actions and practices of Companies in the areas that we focus on. This may include factors like where and how Companies source their materials and labor, their corporate policies, and their political involvement and giving. Our ratings are opinions only.  Your opinion and those of others may differ and we encourage you to do your own research and to reach your own conclusions.  Our ratings are not statements of fact and are not statements or of product quality

Q: Am I supposed to not by a Product if it has a low Place or Company rating?

A: We provide ratings to give you an easy reference point in thinking about issues you care about. It’s not our intention that you should not buy from Places or Companies with low ratings.  We want to give you access to information – but want you to make your own determination as to what you do with that information.

Q: Why isn’t “X Company” or “X Product” on the site?

A: Quite simply, it would be impossible for our team to put 100% of the companies and products available on our site, as there are so many.  We do add products and companies from time to time.