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There's so much to love about Brazil. With some of the strongest protections for the LGBT community - including free sex-reassignment surgery - Brazil is a leader a number of issues. However, Brazil has a lot of work to do to protect the environment, especially considering how remarkable the natural world is within Brazil. But Brazil's biggest problem in recent years is maintaining a just and civil society, with fairly serious corruption in the political sphere.

While receiving high scores on several Issues, Brazil has struggled of late with governmental corruption issues.


The Biggest Challenge to Brazil's Democracy Is Murder, Not ...


Brazilians are losing faith in democracy ...


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Environmental Protections - Country Rating


Women's Equality - Country Rating


LGBTQ Equality - Country Rating


Just and Civil Society - Country Rating

This is the hottest single Issue for Brazil at the moment.  What's needed to solidify Democracy and to solidify the people's faith in Democracy in Brazil?