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The mother of all modern fascist countries, China's corrupting influence can't be underestimated and poses a threat to Human Rights the world has not seen since the end of WWII.


Apologists for China are many, driven by nothing short of economic greed, and China's economic strength, enabled by those apologists, is able to buy a lot of influence.


Terrible pollution and electricity mostly produced through highly polluting means - which arguably makes even the "cleanest" of manufacturing in China polluting manufacturing if it runs on electricity from the Chinese electrical grid.  Products sometimes laced with toxic chemicals  - - and with limited legal means available for the injured consumer to obtain redress (see, e.g., Toxic Chinese Drywall Creates a Housing Disaster).   Chinese state owned companies that argue that they cannot be prosecuted for violations of US law in the US because the Chinese government directed the actions that violated US law (see, e.g. Animal Science Products, Inc. v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a case currently before the US Supreme Court).  A totalitarian government many would call fascist by any traditional definition of fascism that makes no room for political freedoms.  A set of local laws that blatantly discriminates in the extreme against non Chinese companies that seek to do business in China or to sell non-Chinese goods into China (see New Measures to Combat Chinese Trade Secret Theft - Will They Work).  A massive trade deficit with the US and many other countries. And -- allegedly -- government sponsored spying on US companies and US government employees.



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Environmental Protections - Country Rating

China has a deplorable record on environmental protection.


Women's Equality - Country Rating

China does better on women's equality than it does on other issues we track, but has a poor score even here.


LGBTQ Equality - Country Rating

China lags way behind on protections for the LGTBQ community.  It offers no legal protection against discrimination to members of the LGTBQ community and does not provide for same sex marriage or even a civil union equivalent.


Just and Civil Society - Country Rating

China aggressively seeks to stifle dissent and any criticism of the Chinese government, and is notorious for its corruption problems and alleged espionage against the U.S. government and international companies.