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Denmark is a country where one of the most treasured cultural values is the idea of comfort and satisfaction ("hygge"). They have one of the highest indexes in terms of happiness of any country in the world. And the Danish have made it a priority to make sure all of their citizens are able to experience that comfort. A leader in design and innovation, Denmark is just as ahead of the curve on societal equality as they are in business.

Copenhagen is a model of community supportive governance.

It's citizens' focus on preserving the environment for future generations, ensuring a just society where all are treated with respect and other matters that take them beyond their own immediate "self-interest" is one of the things that makes them among the happiest people in any country.  They prioritize the community and see enriching the community (rather than their own bank accounts) as the best way to ensure their own success and happiness and that of those they love. See "Here's Why People in Denmark are Happier than Anywhere Else in the World."

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Environmental Protections - Country Rating

Danes tend to think about the lives their children and their children's children will have and prioritize doing things now that will make them better.

Putting a high value on protecting the environment comes naturally from that.


Women's Equality - Country Rating

Denmark has long been a leader in women's rights.


LGBTQ Equality - Country Rating

Denmark has long been at the forefront of acceptance of all, without regard to sexual preference or gender orientation.

The question is less about how to improve things further in Denmark and more about how to "export" the Danish mindset on LGTBQ persons to the rest of the world.


Just and Civil Society - Country Rating

Denmark regularly ranks at or close to the top of the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.  It is considered a model for "clean" government.


Balanced Trade with U.S. - Country Rating

While Denmark ranks among the highest of all countries on the other Issues we track, Denmark does not prioritize even trade with the U.S.  It runs a consistently high balance of trade surplus with the U.S. That gives it a low rating on this SweetScore.