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Japan is one of the strongest global leaders in technology and industry.

Japan has made little progress on Women's Equality and LGTBQ Equality, and its judicial system is widely critiqued as being highly biased against the accused, raising serious human rights questions.  Japan has also traditionally been very protectionist of its own industries, to the detriment of international companies that want to do business in Japan, and has run a large balance of trade surplus with the United States and other countries, which many argue has created hardship for workers in other nations.


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Environmental Protections - Country Rating


Women's Equality - Country Rating

Japan receives a high SweetScore on Women's Equality, but many would argue that that doesn't fully depict the position women find themselves in Japanese society.


LGBTQ Equality - Country Rating

Japan is far behind on LGBTQ Equality.  No same sex marriage or even civil unions for same sex couples.


Just and Civil Society - Country Rating

Japan scores well on government transparency and corruption.