Allbirds Kauri Marine Blue Shoe with white soles for men


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Manufactured in : New Zealand

Allbird’s Footwear is for the Father who likes walking in style in a shoe that has been called the “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” by Time, InStyle, and other magazines. (All the Cool Dads are wearing these shoes!)

Allbirds are the trendy shoe with understated simplicity. No neon soles or screaming logos! They are perfect for the father who wants to own things made with better materials (wool or other goods from New Zealand or, in the case of this “summer shoe” — recycled materials), in a good design and New Zealand factories.

As the two guys who started Allbird’s put it…”we think that our planet deserves better. Less waste and pollution. More thoughtfulness and accountability.”

Sweetscore says “Woohoo”!

Looking for more reasons to buy?

Allbirds considers the “environment a stakeholder” in their company. They have a “Souls4Souls” program that helps used Allbirds to find home in communities where people need shoes – or they will go barefoot.

We suggest you go into your dad’s closet and find out his size. If he is a half-size (e.g., 10.5) size down. And may we suggest these cool (literally and figuratively) shoes for summer.

This shoe doesn’t make him happy? He can take 30 days to send them back to Allbirds – no questions asked. How do we know? We’ve given several pairs of these shoes to men… they ALL loved them (well, one exchanged for a different color – and was offered money back or the choice of a different color!)

A winner all around! And $95 bucks!

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