Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly (Hachette Publishing, 2019)


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Manufactured in : New York

Not a golfer?   No need to be in order to learn a lesson from this very funny (in a sad way) book.

When we have a president who has no need for the rules (the Constitution) or in truth (see the Mueller Report) we may as well check out his reputation as a golfer who is known to have fresh balls in his pocket to throw on the green when his real golf ball ends in the muck.

Concerned about trustworthiness, credibility, knowledge? Not this cheater! (Hey, he’s “relatable”!)

Laugh until you cry (literally) reading this book written by a famed golfer who has watched Trump cheat his way in golf more ways than you can shake a club at!

Lessons? If one will cheat in golf, what will one do in real life!


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