Naty Newborn Diapers by Nature Babycare


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Manufactured in : China

Chinese made disposable diapers.

These generally well regarded diapers tout incremental “environmentally friendly” improvements, but our understanding is that Nature Babycare has chosen to manufacture at least some of its disposable diapers for the United States market in China.  Between the lack of environmental protections generally in China, its reliance on coal power plants and the carbon footprint created by shipping heavy diapers across the sea in pollution spewing boats, (and leaving entirely aside China’s reportedly extraordinary and ongoing human rights violations) its hard to see how buying Chinese made diapers in the United States can be seen as eco friendly or generally good for the planet in the slightest.

You can see Nature Babycare’s announcement of the company’s decision to manufacture in China in an open letter that also boldly and puzzlingly asserts “Eco by Naty is the leading green babycare brand today.”

If you do want to buy Naty disposable diapers anyway, you can buy them on Target by clicking on the image below.


Points in favor of this product:

Maker purports to have innovated on some aspects of the product to make it more eco-friendly

Points not in favor of this product:

Made in China which, among other things:

  • Has a terrible record on protection of human rights
  • Does not permit freedom of the press or freedom of association
  • Has a terrible record on protection of the environment
  • Is said to use cyber espionage to steal trade secrets from US companies and personal data of US citizens


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