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  • THE HIT ZONE JR FOR TENNIS provides a unique and fun way for your junior player to practice tennis! The ball floats in mid-air. We use a patented system incorporating a fabric sleeve to deliver the air stream. If the player hits the “Tee” – no big deal – their racket will swing right through it. Your player can concentrate on hitting the ball correctly rather than knocking over the tee. We have coaches around the world using the Hit Zone and their students love it!
  • THE HIT ZONE PROVIDES for a safe and fun way for your player to train at home. We have parents who set up a net in the yard or drape a sheet across the garage that the player can hit in to. And if you live in a place where you get long cold winters, your player will stay occupied practicing their swing at the training center you can set up for them in the basement! The Gamma foam balls are softer and lighter than a real tennis ball, so they will be much gentler on your home.
  • OUR PATENTED HIT ZONE uses a specially designed fabric sleeve to deliver the air stream. If the kid’s racket hits the “T” – no big deal – it will swing right through it. This is a huge benefit! Kids are going to tend to swing to miss the tee, rather than swinging to properly strike the ball. The player can now concentrate on making contact with the ball properly. Your Hit Zone comes with 12 Gamma foam balls. Oversized foam balls also work great.
  • THE HIT ZONE JR for tennis comes with 12 Gamma foam balls and a 9″ fabric sleeve. In addition, we will be mailing you separately a bonus 14.5″ sleeve. The Hit Zone Jr works great for ages 2-7. Adult supervision is recommended for the younger kids. If you have baseball and softball players in your home, the Hit Zone Jr also works great for tee practice. The Hit Zone Jr needs to be plugged into a 110V outlet. When using outdoors, be sure to use a GFC protected outlet.


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