Igloo RECOOL Cooler


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Manufactured in : United States

The disposable cooler to choose if you're going to choose a disposable cooler.  Disposable coolers used to be made out of styrafoam.  That was bad.


Igloo tackled the huge environmental problem they posed in a big way and came up with this great product.

Points in favor:

- Made in USA

- Fully biodegradable 

- Made entirely from recalled paper


Points not in favor:

- A reusable cooler will still be a better choice if it's going to be used multiple times

Included in the “Father’s Day Gifts” collection from Haley Catalano


From Haley:

I know all dads will love a cooler like this whether it’s for sporting events, camping or a beach day. Disposable coolers of the past were made of Styrofoam which is one of the worst materials for the planet.

Igloo has come up with this Made in USA disposable cooler which is made from recycled paper and completely biodegradable, making it pretty great.





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