Peet’s Organic French Roast Coffee


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Manufactured in : United States

Peet’s is named Best Coffee for Gun Control in the SweetScore Recommends Review by Chris Ponzi.


When Peet’s first opened its locations in the Bay Area, it pioneered the idea of taking high quality roasted coffee to a large audience and helped inspire and guide Starbucks in its growth.

Many Peet’s drinkers still drink nothing else.

Peet’s updated it’s collection not too long ago with this organic version of it’s classic French Roast.

The definition of a rich dark coffee.

From Peet’s

Enjoy the dark, delicious flavors of this Organic French Roast Ground Coffee from Peet’s Coffee. There is nothing like the rich smell of good coffee to wake you up in the morning, and this organic French-roast coffee delivers on both rich aroma and bold flavor. The beans are already ground and ready to be brewed. Enjoy the intensely bold, bittersweet, smoky flavors and hints of caramel in this full-bodied, dark roast coffee.

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