Total Eclipse Lux Men’s Sandal


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Manufactured in : Vietnam


Men’s black leather sandals.  




Note that these sandals are currently made in China, but manufacture is being moved to Vietnam, so we've shown Vietnam as the place of manufacture.

While Vietnam's SweetScore's aren't great on a number of issues, it doesn't have a recent history of antagonism to the US and other democracies, and isn't reported to have engaged in the corporate espionage and spying on American citizens that there is ample evidence China has engaged in in a massive scale.


Points in favor of this product:

- Made to mimic being barefoot -- which many believe is a better way to walk
- This minimalist approach to shoes means less bulky shoes than the average -- requiring less energy and less materials to produce

Points not in favor of this product:

- These sandals are made of leather, so aren't a good match for those who go vegan in their fashion.

Included in the “Father’s Day Gifts” collection from Haley Catalano


From Haley:

Vivo Barefoot is a company that is aiming to use 90% sustainable materials for all of their products by 2020. I know my dad would love going for walks in these sandals, especially beachside if possible!





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