Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 Tennis Racquet


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Manufactured in : Japan

A fine pro level racket and one of the relatively few racquets available to US consumers that isn’t made in China.

From the Company:


    • Ball-crushing Technology never lose speed and power even after the bounce. The ball-crushing vcore duel g will completely transform your game. Ball height after bounce: 14% up spin: 8% up
    • Lock Booster System: the new System on the grommets has more holes towards the top of the frame as well as the grooves to lock the String, crushing the ball and producing more spin
    • Tough g fiber: tough g fiber is incorporated into the shaft. 3 times more flexible than carbon nanotube, tough g fiber provides high repulsion for a heavier and powerful spin
    • Head size: 97 sq. In. Weight: hg 330Grams/11.6oz length: 27 in. Material: H.M. Graphite, black micro core, tough g fiber
    • Width range: 20.0mm/20.0mm/20.0mm balance point: hg: 310mm, g 310mm recommended String: Ptgg125, Ptgf125, atg950p stringing pattern: 16/20 stringing advice: 50-65lbs made in Japan.

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