About Our Ratings

Our ratings are not Product quality or Company quality ratings.

Our ratings are statements of political opinion meant to help you form your own points of view about Products, Companies and Places. They are not statements of fact and are not intended to tell you what to do or what to conclude, but to provide you and easy to understand point of view that you can use in forming your own opinions.

Our rating methodology is designed to help bring you:

    • Products that are designed with your wellness and the wellness of the planet in mind, according to the companies that make them (for instance, personal care products free from chemicals that may be bad for the environment or bad for your health);
    • Products that are made by companies that show leadership on sustainability and human rights (for instance, products made by companies that establish carbon reduction targets and companies that promote an inclusive, supportive environment for customers and team members); and
    • Products that are made in countries that show leadership on sustainability and human rights (by, for instance, countries that have implemented environmental protection laws, laws protecting the rights of all equally, including women and members of the LGTBQ+ community, and laws protecting freedom of speech and freedom of association).

The data we draw from to make our recommendations comes from publicly available information, information obtained directly from companies, and information provided in third party assessments, including studies funded by the United Nations and public interest groups like Transparency International, and the Human Rights Campaign.


Wellness, sustainability and human rights issues are complicated.  We encourage you to do your own research, and hope our Company and Product listings will help you in that.

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