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Product Information

Pleas help us find the Product by giving us the SweetScore page on which you've seen the Product listed.
Please tell us what you especially like about the product and why you like us having it on SweetScore.
We'd like to have the Place of manufacture for all Products listed on SweetScore. Please provide that if you have it. The place of manufacture should be shown on the product itself and on the Product packaging, if you have the Product. If the Product has a label saying Made in USA but you don't otherwise have information on the specific State in which the product was manufactured, please just indicate USA.
Please be as brief and specific as possible.
If you have this, please provide it here. It will help us ensure that we are matching the information you provide to us with the right product.
Amazon's "ASIN" is its unique product identifier code. Their is a different ASIN for each product listed on Amazon. It will help us make sure we are properly matching the information you give us with right Product if you give us the Amazon ASIN for the product. This is listed in the fields of detailed information provided on each Amazon Product page. You don't need to provide this to us, but it will help if you do.

Other Product Information - If You Have It

We're looking for the following information on all products, so please provided it if you happen to have it.
Please provide us any information you have on where the components in the Product were made. For instance, you might say manufactured in Honduras of components made in Honduras or manufactured in Japan of domestic and imported components. This information is not required if you don't have it.
Please provide the description of the product provided by the Product Company, if you have that.

Product Company Information

Please provide us the name of the maker of the Product.
Please provide us with the City and State or country in which the Product Company is Headquartered, if you know it.
If the maker of the product is headquartered outside the US, but has a US headquarters, please provide that here. For example, Honda Motors is headquartered in Japan and has a US headquarters in California.

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