Gifts for the Men in Your Life – from Patricia Palleschi

Discovering great gifts that are fun, stylish and useful (or some combination of those) and that you can feel good about buying are hard to find.  Here, StyeMaker Patricia Palleschi brings you her recommendations, after having done her own sustainability and ethical product 2019 research.

This collection reminds me of the hours my children spent asking me to act out Where the Wild Things Are, Goodnight Moon and Charlotte’s Web.

The men in your life who share your passion for making the world a better place deserve the comfort of a gift made in socially responsible factories and with sustainable values AND a gift that will make them smile all year.

I created this collection in honor of my dad who passed away, but not before teaching me that I had to “do my bit” for the world.

Each of the products has been rigorously evaluated to ensure that you can do your “bit” for the world and make your man happy and proud.

Pick your color (and price) on line and give your man the gift of a lifetime.

Your partner/ husband/ father already has what he needs. And you want to give him what he wants.

He deserves a top of the line Tesla. Give the TESLA 100 S (or other version that may be much cheaper!) in his choice of colors and accessories – you can build it together on line and should be able to get it in time to do some serious driving this summer.

Currently, Tesla has only one auto factory, a former Toyota and General Motors joint venture facility south of San Francisco in Fremont, Calif. And Tesla also has a giant battery plant, its Gigafactory outside Reno. So, this car is American-made with American ingenuity and innovation - and complies with strict California environmental laws that many other car makers have sought to avoid.

• Does your dad believe in sustainability?
• This car will save you from using gas guzzling vehicles.
• Does dad like to drive fast (like Ludacris fast?)? Speed is not an issue for the Tesla.

Allbirds Kauri Marine Blue Shoe with white soles for men

Allbird’s Footwear is for the man who likes walking in style in a shoe that has been called the “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” by Time, InStyle, and other magazines. (All the cool men are wearing these shoes!)

Allbirds are the trendy shoe with understated simplicity. No neon soles or screaming logos! They are perfect for the man who wants to own things made with better materials (wool or other goods from New Zealand or, in the case of this “summer shoe” -- recycled materials), in a good design and New Zealand factories.

As the two guys who started Allbird’s put it…”we think that our planet deserves better. Less waste and pollution. More thoughtfulness and accountability.”

Sweetscore says “Woohoo”!


Is your man more of traditionalist? An “outdoors person”? In love with the rugged look? Take a look at this handmade boot by Helm created by two guys in Austin, Texas who had - a vision for an American hand-made, sustainable shoe with rugged style.

This Helm boot made by hand in Austin, Texas, is the way to go for the man who wants rugged, handmade style hand made by a team of 14 master shoe makers who live and work in Austin Texas. Handmade means great fit!

Note: My husband roamed through Italy looking for a boot made by hand as handsome as this “Zind Natural Boot”. He dragged me from hillside town to hillside town --- ok, I liked it! --- but
this American-made boot did the trick and can be ordered on line in the good old USA.

Helm shoes are made of the finest leathers. A pair will cost you a bit, but get help from your siblings or uncles and aunts and pool your pennies to buy these gorgeous “Zind Natural” boots.

They are railway inspired and can be worn with jeans, but are dashing when worn with a suit. And watch for the coupon or special “reward program” that may make these $399 babies a bit more affordable. Heck, with the Helm policy of “resoling” their soles, you may stand to think of these as a legacy to inherit!

And, if your dad doesn’t like ‘em, just return them as Helm has a great return policy.

Country of Origin: USA, Austin Texas
Manufactured by hand by 14 master bootmakers in Austin, Texas (the blue city in a red state!)
Great return policy.
Used shoes are able to be sent to Austin to be re-soled and refinished to look good as new. No need to recycle!

Classic Jersey T-shirt with contrast band crew neck

And why not give your man something he will instantly put on and that goes with everything! This t-shirt is in that jersey cotton in a green with a contrast neck band of black.

"IF we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so"
Robert Mueller, May 29th.

Read THIS report.

We have chosen the Washington Post edition of the Report because it does a good job of explaining who the key players are; it lays out a timetable for the events and a context for the report, which we found very useful.

This is the report that will help you understand the extent to which foreign agents interfered in our 2018 elections.
The report details what indictable offenses may have occurred (which can not, according to the report), because Justice Deparment Guidelines did not allow him to charge a sitting President.

Read this "road map" for developing next steps to bolster our democracy. YOU must read this report to become fully informed about the clear and present dangers of foreign entities affecting our elections and the immense danger of a presidency that plays with the American rules of law.

We have read it. We believe that it is chilling information that can affect the value of your vote and the value of your citizenship.

You and your man are both over 21 and love to share a thoughtful dram of whiskey? Or, you are both Game of Thrones Lovers and are still arguing over the season closer?

The Lagavulin “Game of Thrones” Lannister Single Malt Whisky is the gift to give.

Lagavulin Game of Thrones Lannister 9 year old Islay Single Malt Whisky has a Scotch pedigree and a taste that goes down with a sweet smoky taste. And this Game of Thrones Whisky has been hand crafted in the same careful way with the same high quality ingredients in the same small town in Scotland for more than 200 years! (much more than 8 seasons!)

One taste of this whisky will make you feel like you can own the iron throne. (Or will be able to build a new one – Season NINE anyone? )

Note that Lagavulin has been acquired by Diageo a British owned company headquartered in London in 2011. Prior to its acquisition of Lagavulin, 2009 marked a low point for Diageo because of charges with improper payments to foreign officials by the USA. Diageo paid more than $16 M to the US to address those charges.

In 2016 Diageo was awarded the top place in Institute of Directors and Chartered Quality Institute’s Good Governance Index.

In the same year Diageo was ranked 11th out of 4,255 companies worldwide for diversity and inclusiveness in the Thomas Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index.

On the negative side, in 2015 Diageo has had some issues with the portrayal of women. As a result, in 2018, Diageo announced plans to create a 12 year old Whisky called JANE Walker (as opposed to Johnnie Walker). She will be a “striding woman” rather than the top-hatted Johnnie.

And with a name like “Game of Thrones”, maybe you won’t even drink it! This iconic whiskey can be a collectable.

And whatever you do, drink responsibly. There are dragons out there.