Ethical Mom Recommends Reviews – Best Socially Conscious Companies

In each review, our reviewers name a Best Overall and a Best Company for Environmental Protection, Women's Equality, LGBTQ + Equality, Gun Control and Promotion of a Just and Civil Society.

No company is perfect and most companies do everything they can to suppress that fact, while New Belgium is the first to admit what they’re doing wrong in big bold red letters (seriously) -- along with how they want to fix it.

Their transparency on all levels of their business is unparalleled to any other I assessed, as even a quick look at their Sustainability report on their website attests.

They also deserve recognition for:

-- leading in all of the places that green brewers can;

-- being female inclusive (if not centric) from their beginning;

-- promoting positive communities centered around the needs of the people in them -- with biking as an organizational structure for that.

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Comedian Jeff Foxworthy once said, “Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother – you’re not sure what you’ve got, but you’re pretty sure you’re not going to like it.”

We admit that, unlike Jeff Foxworthy, we’ve always loved seeing a good poop or pee in our babies’ diapers.

No matter what you think of what you find inside your diapers, you can and should like the company that makes the diapers you buy. We’ve done extensive research, and in this review you’ll find recommendations for the best overall Socially Conscious diaper company, as well as recommendations for each of the issues SweetScore knows are important to you when you’re making your purchases.

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Most people don’t want to spend their holiday thinking about the injustices of the world or our impact on the planet. That’s why we want to help you think about it before you book your stay.

Directing your lodging spending to companies showing leadership on social consciousness rewards those who deserve to be rewarded and encourages others to follow suit.

I've done extensive research to provide you my recommendations for the most socially responsible, ethical Hotel chains.

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Best Socially Conscious Coffee Companies

By Chris Ponzi

Coffee gives us the delicious gift of consciousness in an otherwise sleep-anemic world.  Coffee is the second largest international commodity in the world, second only to oil.  As such, coffee has massive impact on all life on earth.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee companies in all shapes and sizes, and even more farms that cultivate and harvest the red coffee berry (yes, coffee starts as a red berry).  The coffee industry is a complex blend of international models that partner with coffee farmers in origin countries mostly near the equator, to bring back the hand-picked, washed, and dried “green coffee bean” to major coffee consuming countries like the U.S., where they are then roasted and distributed for maximum freshness.

That black gold you’re sipping has had a long journey, my friends!  With so many players in the bean game, coffee company ethics fall on a planetary-wide scale: from deplorable environmental and social practices that inspire tears, to the top of the range where Larry’s Coffee comfortably rests.

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