Meet Our Writers


We’re fortunate to have a number of talented freelance writers contributing to SweetScore. 

Kelly Black

Kelly Black is a writer with a passion for shedding light on important issues. As a mother of two children with special needs, she particularly likes to focus her writing on causes that help promote people who have been marginalized by society.  She has been published at and, among other sites. She is married, and is the mother of four children and one precocious dog. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Joe Burgett

Joe Burgett has been working in the world of online media for over 10 years. Joe has a degree in TV & Radio Broadcasting and Production and will complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy & Public Service in 2020.

Haley Catalano

Haley is a freelance writer and full time traveler. She has been published on various websites and enjoys sharing her lessons and tips from traveling all over the world. The more exposure she gets to different cultures and places, the more she wants to protect them and aims to make sustainable and ethical choices in every aspect of her life.

Jennifer O’Brien

Jennifer is a freelance writer concentrating on travel and environment. Jennifer’s work has appeared in numerous outlets such as The Blue Nib and The Mitre. She is a contributor to The Borgen Project and writes for her own blog,

When Jennifer is not writing she enjoys spending her time traveling and being with her family.

Chris Ponzi

Chris Ponzi is a writer, poet, environmentalist, and student of ecology dedicated to restoring and healing our natural world, inside and out. His website is

Originally from California, Chris currently splits his time between California and Columbia.

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Ada Navarro Ulriksen

Ada Navarro Ulriksen is a nomadic freelance writer who was born in Santiago, Chile but grew up in the United States. She got her Bachelor’s degree in English from UC Davis. Ada spent several years of her life learning various dead languages–an impractical decision that she hopes will pay off someday.

Samantha Vehrs

Samantha is a research writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her passion for ethical companies began with cruelty-free beauty. Now, Samantha makes an effort to use sustainable and responsible products in all aspects of her life. When she’s not writing, Samantha likes to look at other people’s cats on Instagram and get in arguments about avocado toast.

Faustine Wolfart

Faustine Wohlfart is a freelance journalist, a queer woman and a feminist. In addition to having her work appear on SweetScore, Vox and The Establishment, she has ghostwritten 19 non-fiction books. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Originally from Sweden, Faustine currently resides in Brittany, France.

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