Collections from StyleMaker Jennifer O’Brien

Collections from StyleMaker Jennifer O'Brien

Jennifer is a freelance writer concentrating on travel and environment and is passionate about consumer led change.

Jennifer’s writing has appeared in numerous outlets such as The Blue Nib and The Mitre. She is a contributor to The Borgen Project and writes for her own blog,

In addition to being Ethical Mom StyleMaker, Jennifer has contributed Company Ratings for a number of Companies listed on Ethical Mom.

Norwegian Father's Day Gifts

How do you show the most important guy in your life your appreciation on Father’s Day? If spending time with his family, barbeques, and going out to eat is something your dad enjoys then this list will be a hit. Instead of showing your thanks with greeting cards, why not go on a cultural adventure to Norway with these handpicked gifts for your father on his special day?

Norway is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Norway and the Nordic culture have always been a progressive country.

Whether it is the subject of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, gun control, or helping the environment, Norway has always been a leader in doing what is right.

Glam it up!

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling rested and beautiful? We have all had those long days or weeks where we feel and possibly look like zombies, yikes! So, every so often I like to pick myself up by glamming up my day or night!

These are some of the products that help me achieve my best life!


Spa Night!

Everyone needs a little me time, we can’t always make it to a salon! I love nail polish, can’t get enough of it really. I used to go to a salon and after a while I realized how brittle my nails got. I decided to stop and try doing it on my own! Voila! I found out it wasn’t that hard, and I saved money! Win!

If you have any personal favorite or suggestions let me know!

Walk Tall!

When leaving the house, I always want to be confident and feel my best! Whether it is having a pair of everyday comfy shoes that match a cool statement T-shirt or date night in those amazing heels with the beautifully crafted purse. These products help me do that every day!

When creating this collection, I aimed to be true to myself and pick what I would buy or own. I think it is nice to have a piece or two that is higher priced and mix it with some lower price items.

If you have any suggestions about items, please let me know!

Walk tall ladies and embrace the day!


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