Ethical Mom ethical gifts come from Companies, Countries and States showing leadership on climate action, women's rights, LGTBQ equality, gun control and freedom of the press, freedom of association and human rights.  All are chosen with an eye to quality and style. 

A new birth is such an extraordinary moment, for the parents and for close friends and family.  That new life and new beginning gives such hope and creates so much desire to want to make things right -- at home and in the world at large.

So why not focus all of the shopping the goes with it (yes, you do need a lot of kit for the little one!) on ethical products made responsibly, using natural materials, wherever practicable, and made by great Companies in Countries you can feel good about supporting?


Finding products available in the United States that are needed for a newborn and that aren't made in an authoritarian country that tramples on human liberties and does little to nothing to protect the environment is hard, but we've put together a complete collection of the must haves made in the US and other countries that work to protect human rights and the environment.


Ethical Mom

Put Your Wallet Where Your Heart Is ™