Birthday Gifts for the Men in Your Life – from Haley Catalano

Discovering great gifts that are fun, stylish and useful (or some combination of those) and that you can feel good about buying are hard to find.  Here, StyeMaker Haley Catano brings you her recommendations for socially conscious 2019 gifts for men, after having done her own sustainability and ethical product research.

I don’t know about you, but none of the men in my life are easy to shop for. They never seem to want or need very much but I love them and want be able to get them an awesome gift -- that I can feel good about buying.


These are some of my favorite gift ideas.


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Featured Collection Products

Natural European Made Organic Hemp Swim Trunks

These lined, comfortable European made, sweatshop free swim trunks dry quickly and are made of European grown organic hemp.

Shwood Francis Sunglasses - in Walnut and Other Natural Woods

Out with plastic frames and in with wood frames!  These stylish, made in USA sunglasses have solid wood frames.

Hemp, Made in USA Baseball Cap from Rawganique

My Dad spends a ton of time outdoors, especially watching my brother play the many, many sports that he plays! I know he’ll really enjoy wearing this hat to practices and games.

It’s even better knowing that it’s made of vegan hemp!

Fisherman's Jumper from Rapanui

Recently I learned that it takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton t shirt, which shocked me. Since then I’ve made it my mission to buy second hand as often as possible and definitely only shop for new clothes from companies like this that make efforts not to harm the planet and make efforts to take care of their workers

Doshi Simple Slim Wallet - Vegan


A classic gift that you really can’t go wrong with for your father.

This slim fit will fit into pockets seamlessly and the fact that it’s vegan is something you and your dad can both feel good about.

Cork Vegan Briefcase by Corker

I get my organizational skills from my father without a doubt (sorry Mom), which is how I know that he will love this bag with its many pockets.

Its utility is great, but its PETA-approved vegan materials are even better.

Total Eclipse Lux Men's Sandal from Vivo Barefoot

Vivo Barefoot is a company that is aiming to use 90% sustainable materials for all of their products by 2020. I know my dad would love going for walks in these sandals, especially beachside if possible!

Blighty Board Short in Wave Flower Sunshine Print - From Riz Boardshorts

This is by far one of my favorites out of this collection. Not only do I absolutely love this print for my dad, but I really love that a small portion of the sale is donated to marine conservation.

Better yet, once my dad has worn these out, he can send them back to Riz who will recycle them and then give him 25% off his next pair!

Orange Lavender Shaving Soap from Friendly Soaps

My dad prefers no facial hair, and I know he will love this!

Plastic-free packaging and a shaving soap that smells good? Can’t get much better than that.

Kindle PaperWhite

E-books are definitely a much more environmentally friendly choice than buying new books in paper.

Dads will love this, especially those who travel as this takes up no space and you can have multiple books on just one little device. I don’t love that this is made in China due to a plethora of reasons, but unfortunately there aren’t any e-readers on the market at the moment that aren’t made in China.

Igloo RECOOL Disposable Cooler

I know all men will love a cooler like this whether it’s for sporting events, camping or a beach day. Disposable coolers of the past were made of Styrofoam which is one of the worst materials for the planet.

Igloo has come up with this Made in USA disposable cooler which is made from recycled paper and completely biodegradable, making it pretty great.


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